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Experience as a general manager has a moderate effect on salary, as do job duties, industry, and location. Because of the different types of general manager positions, the salary varies greatly. A general manager in fast food may average around $31,000, while the national median for this general job title is $51,055. Some managers are eligible for bonuses, commissions, or profit sharing based on performance and goal attainment. Most general managers work in an office setting and are salaried. If their business stays open through holidays and weekends, they may be expected to work during those times or to be on call.

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Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois , a suburb of Chicago. [1] His father, Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, was a physician, and his mother, Grace Hall Hemingway , was a musician. Both were well-educated and well-respected in Oak Park, [2] a conservative community about which resident Frank Lloyd Wright said, "So many churches for so many good people to go to". [3] For a short period after their marriage, [4] Clarence and Grace Hemingway lived at first with Grace's father, Ernest Hall, their first son's namesake. [note 1] Later, Ernest Hemingway would say that he disliked his name, which he "associated with the naive, even foolish hero of Oscar Wilde 's play The Importance of Being Earnest ". [5] The family eventually moved into a seven-bedroom home in a respectable neighborhood with a music studio for Grace and a medical office for Clarence. [2]

General Degree & Papa San - Granny Granny CryGeneral Degree & Papa San - Granny Granny CryGeneral Degree & Papa San - Granny Granny CryGeneral Degree & Papa San - Granny Granny Cry